Bag Madness

Even though the monthly crush has already been shared, this post comes much more as a suggestion. You know that moment when you find something so good that you just have to spread the word out there? Well, this is my way of saying that I found some badass bags and backpacks and there's a lot more where they came from. Follow the links down below if you wanna find out where to shop for these beauties.

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE

Gone for Coffee

Word of the weekend: BRUNCH. No matter how many incoming exams I have, assignments to get done, events to attend, places to visit, I'll probably always put those on hold for a few hours to enjoy some coffee and catch up with friends. I also wouldn't be feeling myself if I wouldn't go out as comfortable as someone can get during the winter, meaning that sweaters are right now some God-sent gifts for me. This particular olive green one that I've been wearing like crazy lately helped me achieve the highest vegan-ish level I've been on in my whole life. That still didn't affect my diet, no, but I'm working on it.

I hope you make time to enjoy the little things too, the little moments. You know...they aren't so little.

Sweater: HERE

Trousers: HERE

Boots: HERE


“You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things.”


With New Year's Eve just around the corner, I wanted to say goodbye to 2016 in the most enjoyable way I could. Therefore, I have carefully put together some picture fails, which I hope will entertain yourself at least a little bit.

The photos that I weekly post are usually polished and edited. But behind those 6-7 pretty pictures stand 60 more which are either in motion, unfocused, goofy or just very, very bad looking. There are various reasons why this happens, starting with the fact that it ain't easy avoiding weird looks from random people while trying to cope with the camera and finding the right spot. There are also natural causes that create an unfriendly atmosphere, like wind, cold, snow, light, sun. Have I mentioned the wind?? And sometimes, it just gets fun and I start enjoying making silly faces.

May the new year bring you lots of foolish moments! You can make fun of mine until then.😜

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The Map Of Moments

Since The Bear Girl Turned 1 yesterday, I got emotional and reviewed all of my blog entries. Some of them ended up deleted, some brought up wonderful moments, but all of them put a big smile on my bear face. For the sake of throwbacks and old outfits, I came up with The Map of Moments concept, aimed at highlighting some of my favorite posts. 

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Mentally Stuck Elsewhere, February 2015

Perspectives, March 2015

I was still writing my thoughts in Romanian then, I almost forgot I used to do that lol.

Electric, April 2015

I really loved this one. It was actually the first time I wore my hair straightened for a photo session.

Lazy, May 2015

Fringes everywhere.

A Dreamer's Post #3in1

Probably my favorite post so far. I miss Maria's amazing shots. :(

Goddess, July 2015

I also miss my friend's incredible Photoshop Skills...

Q&A, August 2015

This one was girlish. I'm still in love with those white flared pants.

Fall Feeling, September 2015

Cotton Candy, October 2015

I am so happy I found the most suitable outfit for my heart-shaped sunglasses.

Flow, November 2015

The apogee of my hipster days.

Royal, December 2015

Crawling Back To Work, January 2016

A year in photos. Looking back on them I'm not really proud of my first outfits, but the courage of posting them cannot remain unappreciated. You're allowed to take a laugh at them, I did it too.

The Bear Girl Turns 1

Happy Birthday to The Bear Girl! Yup, that's right, exactly one year ago I was uploading my very first blog entry, nervous and excited at the same time! The emotions have been shaped ever since, but the excitement remained all the way with me in this amazing ride.

Taking the risk of sounding too corny, I want to thank everyone who's been helping me out with TBG. Especially my best friends; they have to face all kinds of weather conditions to take photos of me and experience weird positions to get the right angle. I also have to go sentimental all the way and thank anyone who's taking a few minutes to read a post of mine once in a while. You're more helpful than you can imagine, no matter if you like it or not.

When I started I was confident of one thing: it won't be easy. My anticipation was accurate, but time has proven me one detail which changed the game: it is fun. I like it, now I get why blogging is such a rising domain: if you find the right combination, you get to work with what you enjoy doing.

Another perk is that you learn a lot of things. From HTML basics (that was something HUGE for me since I never had any knowledge about the web world) to advertising and marketing stuff. In my case, I can add on the list Photoshop skills, photography skills, make-up and styling essentials. However, above all of these I would say gaining self-confidence is the biggest advantage. Managing to cope with haters, with people annoyingly staring at me while taking photos, as well as exposing myself online are just a few of the aspects which made me bolder.

I'm convinced one year wasn't all for me. I nurtured love for my baby-blog and I have too many crazy ideas to let them go. I hope until year 2 I will have shared with you as many as possible!

One year down, a lot more to come.

The Perfect Dress

Winter is almost gone and you know what that means? Just imagine this scenario: you're at home, you just woke up and you're feeling comfy in your pijamas when suddenly your phone rings. Your friend on the other line gives you the ultimate reminder: PARTY SEASON ON! Yep, that's right, once spring is back, all sorts of events start too: parties, weddings, proms, meetings. You'll have at least one of them to attend, so the question which pops-up is: what will you wear? For me, the biggest event this spring will be prom, so I'm looking for the perfect dress to suit my personality. For you, either it's gonna be an evening dress or a wedding one, I tried making things easier by giving you a starting point. Take a look below at these incredible collections from Aisle Style Bridal . I guarantee you'll find at least one to fall in love with (like I did):


Bridesmaid Dresses


If you're an old-school person, their beautiful vintage bridesmaid dresses are an amazing source of inspiration. According to the website, in this spectacular vintage bridesmaid dresses collection you'll find sophisticated fit and flares, glamorous bridesmaid dresses that come alive in the most exquisite fabrics and are adorned with dazzling beading and fine laces.


Prom Dresses


As I was saying, prom is also on my events list this year. The perfectionist in me still looks for the ideal outfit, but I'll probably end up making my own dress sketch and mixing fabrics. I've already picked some ideas from the prom collection and I hope you're not as fastidious as me, because their dresses are stunning. Besides the variety of styles, the dresses come with a wide color palette, from soft pink to metallic shades. You can also pick and choose by silhouette type, which is really helpful.


Evening Dresses


I think this can be the trickiest event. You have be somewhere between too informal and overdressed. Going for lace is a little far-fetched, whilst a short dress can seem too cocktail-ish. The gorgeous evening gowns collection includes a lot of chiffon, which I think is the perfect fabric, whether you're up to a fancy dinner or just out with some friends.


Happy shopping!

Winter Time!

As the leaves of the trees are almost gone, so is autumn. December has slowly made its entrance and, even though I am not a big fan of winter, I cannot pretend it doesn't have some awesome advantages.

In other words, I figured it has been a while since I hadn't written this kind of post soo... it's time to make a list about the best things which come with winter! And hopefully, with a little help from SheIn, I'll have had all of my wishes come true by the end of the season!

  •  Christmas

Holidays are coming! And this one is on the top of the list because it deserves the place. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I don't know if that's because it means family, gifts, sweets, cute decorations, carols or simply because it fills up our hearts with joy. The Christmas spirit can only be felt during this period of the year and it is truly a unique feeling.

  • Hot Drinks

Hot cocoa with cream and cherry flavored tea are my favorites. For me, there's no better time to drink them than winter time, with a fluffy blanket on the couch or at a cozy coffee shop, staring at the window and watching the day collapsing into night at the very 4 pm.

Also, if you're a chocolate freak like me you should check this awesome list with tips for personalizing your cup of hot chocolate to make it even tastier. Click here.

  • Lights Everywhere

And the magic begins! Suddenly streets, houses, stores, cities come to life and it's a pleasure to walk your way anywhere, even though there are -10 Celsius degrees.

  • Cozy clothes

Fluffy socks, fluffy blankets, fluffy sweaters, fluffy scarves, fluffy everything!

  • The Haste

Everyone's in a rush — to get home, to buy presents, to meet someone, to shop for Christmas...Everyone's simply hurrying up! I've been fascinated about this since I was little, because my little town gets harmonized with the haste around the holidays in such a way that it almost feels unfamiliar.

  • Warm places

Warm places for warm people with cold hands. Coffee shops and restaurants are filled with love during the season and it's amazing to just catch up with a friend and watch how the snowflakes play outside the window.

  • Snow

I kept snow for the final because I start hating it after the middle of January passes...but it's pure magic until then and holidays without it definitely don't feel the same. Plus it's a must for snowboarding and skiing freaks. Yay to snow!

These are just some of the reasons that comfort me during the cold winter, but I'm sure you can add a lot more so feel free to share some of them!

Still, as I was saying in the begging of the post, the clothing website SheIn asked me to create my winter wishlist, so ta-da, I put together my idea of a pretty outfit for a winter day! I've also made a self-challenge out of it — I have until the end of the season to re-create the look. Wish me good luck!

Coats: here | Tops: here | Skirts: here | Boots: here | Hats: here | Bags: here | Jewelry: here

Why I'm Always Late

I’m almost always a few minutes late. I am completely aware of the fact that the people around me have had a huge influence on my habitual clock (especially my boyfriend, hope you’re reading this), but in reality no one, other than me, is responsible for those extra minutes that annoy everyone who has to wait them pass. However, I’ve never tried to excuse my behavior, maybe just my way out of the situations, but never my behavior, because that’s just who I am and how I handle things. I think there is a thin line between two kinds of being late:

  • Rude Late >> Talking about that kind of tardiness which affects someone else or a group of people, like an important meeting or an exam.
  • Okay Late >> Meaning the person who's being late is dispensable and doesn't affect the event, such as a friends hangout or a party.

Admittedly, I found myself in the first situation as much as in the second one. The difference which, for me, makes it ok, is that I feel bad, really bad for leaving someone waiting for me. When in that case, I remember myself & themselves that at some point in their lives they had, unwittingly, done the same thing. It’s natural, it’s human and I’m not attempting to insult anyone by my tardiness.

Now that I've cleared that up, it's time to get to the real stuff. Below you'll find the main 3 reasons that get between me and me being ready on time:

1. Make-Up

As a girl, when you need to go somewhere that requires a very pretty face, your time for getting ready automatically shortens. Putting on make-up is quite of a job and even though you think you have approximated correctly the time you need, there's always an eye that could use some more shade. Don't make fun of me because I need 5 up to 10 minutes to put on my lipstick, okay? I'm a perfectionist and the outcome is worth it.

2. Sleep

Sleep is my favorite thing that my body demands. I can't describe the tormenting feeling that I got this morning when my mom woke me up just 15 minutes before the doctor's appointment. I’d forgot to set up the alarm the night before, it happens. At least I didn't snoozed it a couple of times or canceled it when it went on, right?(like that doesn't happen often enough). Whenever I have to go somewhere in the morning I suddenly nurture the deepest love relationship with my bed and my brain starts telling me all the reasons in the world why I can’t leave. You’re feeling me on this, I know that!

3. ???

I have to be honest - sometimes I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I'm late. It has happened way too often to start getting ready hours before leaving and to realize after completing 3 out of 5 tasks that I have time left only for 1. What's crazy is that somehow I manage to get all of them done — the power of the last-minute call.

As some additional information I wanna share an article about tardiness. Even though I don't completely agree with the author, I found little pieces of myself between the lines and that determined me to write my own ones. You can find the article here if you're interested and, hopefully, by the time you finish it you'll have agreed on this idea: being late does pay off in the long-run.

Reasons To Love Summer

If I were to pick a season for the rest of my life I would go for summer without blinking. Ever since I was a kid I’ve basically had a crush on this period of the year. Of course, I find beauty in every season: the wilderness of color during the fall, snow and the sports which come with it in winter or the blooming trees' perfume in spring...but nothing seems more appealing to me than summertime. You need proof? Here you have it:

  • Holidays

More free time means more escapes: to the seaside, to the mountains, to another city, country, anywhere you want. We’re more likely to go on a vacay in the summer because that’s what this season is about: relaxing. So go on and sit on a hammock, stare at the stars, collect seashells, drink a cocktail by the pool, feel the sand through your fingers, go on a hike or whatever makes you let loose.

  • Warm nights

Warm everything basically, but warm nights are the best part. At least for a sunset lover like me. You can finally stay outside wearing a tee all night long without catching a cold. Isn’t this awesome?? Parties take place outside instead of a smoky room, you can have overnight road trips with just a tent and the lights, oh the lights of the cities, streets, buildings look way better during this time.

  • Shorts

Damn right, it is that time! Both guys&girls love it. Each with their own reasons. From leather to jeans or lace, shorts are versatile and easy to rock. Just keep this in mind: not too short, not too long, not too tight, not too large. Put in some effort, but find the right ones.

  • Fruits&Ice Cream

They are tastier, admit it. Since the begging of June, my fridge has been filled with piles of seasonal fruit, starting with strawberries, cherries, apricots and now, my favorite ones, watermelon. I’ve just finished a snack and I don’t even feel ashamed of eating it this late. They’re the healthy, refreshing snack during these heat days. The same invigorating option is without any doubt the ice cream, but that’s less healthy unless you choose to do it yourself.

  • Sunglasses

They’re like the coolest accessory of the season. Maria’s always reminding me to wear sunglasses when we shoot because she says they become the key element of the pics and add shades of cool. I ended up agreeing with her after comparing some portraits. Beside the fact that they’re VERY helpful, sunglasses give everyone some confidence, so why not wear them?


One more personal reason why I love summer is my birthday. I know it's going to sound twisted, but I actually dislike my birthdays. I just love the fact that I was born in a warm, sunny day. That's also the reason why I keep it on the down low when it comes to celebrating it. Most people don't get it when I try explaining why I don't like my birthdays so I'm not gonna do it here, but since it just passed I thought I should share some outfit pics.

Hope you're making the best out of this summer!

A dreamer's post #3in1

I can't believe June's almost over — after the 20th day passes by I usually look at the month like it's already gone (I swear it was New Year's Eve like 6 hours ago!). I'll eventually get over this dramatic part of June when I start freaking out because it's my last free summer and so far I've shamelessly spent it sleeping...(I hate getting out of bed before noon #bearlife).

Ever since I've started blogging I've been wanting to take particular kinds of photos with Maria. We finally managed to get this done: 1 series which resembles 3 simple things that make everyone feel dreamy. Here you have it:

3. Sparks

There's just something magical about these. Maybe it's the way they draw everyone's attention the second they light up the surroundings or the feeling that you can play with fire. Either way, they carry you away in Wonderland for a few moments. For me, everything that sparkles, glitters or glows has my interest. Make a wish!

2. Rooftops

The higher the better, right? Since I'm not afraid of heights I find myself lost in thoughts in places which are closer to the sky. The best part about a rooftop is the panorama. The second best part is that the view is incredible from any point you look at. Even though one might not be a fan of getting close to the borders, everything looks astonishing from the center as well. Besides, it leaves you with the impression of being above everyone&everything.

1. Sunsets

The day begins when the sun goes down. That's how I look at it. The evening spreads its sail against the sky making a circus of colors and we know it's time to go to bed. It's natural for everyone, but it doesn't necessary mean that the day ended. If you think about it, the minute after the sun sets also marks the begging of a new day. Of course we normally choose to start it sleeping because our bodies and minds need that, but are you telling me you have never had a sleepless night? Never stayed up until sunrise to see how the morning sky looks like? Then your day had a different begging and your biological clock was probably confused. I like seeing thinks differently.

*I'm gonna leave you with some more pics because they're just too awesome to not share them. Have a great week!


Sweatshop (ˈswɛtˌʃɒp) - noun - a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions.

We all love getting new clothes, don't we? Some of us even more than others, that's why shopping is a 'cardio' today. But have you ever wondered, while you were putting on that new astonishing jacket, who sew together those pieces of fabric? Where did it come from? How many had to work on it before it could even leave the manufactory?

Yeah, neither did I. Until I discovered this shocking Norwegian reality show some while ago. Sweatshop Deadly Fashion has made it its bussiness to raise awareness of the abysmal working conditions in the clothing industry. And what better way to do so if not by literally showing the problem to some of the outward facing members of that industry: fashion bloggers? Frida, Ludvig and Anniken went far out of their comfort zones for a one-month-trip to Cambodia, in order to find out what stands behind the brands who keep all of us in trend. Their discoveries are hardly imaginable: from workers' inhuman wages and living conditions to the hostile work environment.

Our bathroom is larger than her entire house.
There are so many people who are born just to do one task in life and that’s it.
They don’t have money for food; the big fashion chains starve their workers. And nobody holds them responsible.

The TV show contains only 5 episodes around 10 minutes each, which can be watched with English subtitles here. I think the least one can do is cut from their time and empathize with these people. I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite because, I must admit, if shopping could offer me a proper livelihood, I would do it 24/7. But this series made me question the famous clothing companies from which we all buy everyday at prices that turn out to be overestimated and consider more some sales shopping.

Now I know you're reading this from your computer, smartphone or another gadget and if you ever felt financially unfortunate you should undoubtedly hit the play button on the episodes of Sweatshop.  Let these words echo inside your mind: We are rich because they're poor.