Winter Time!

As the leaves of the trees are almost gone, so is autumn. December has slowly made its entrance and, even though I am not a big fan of winter, I cannot pretend it doesn't have some awesome advantages.

In other words, I figured it has been a while since I hadn't written this kind of post soo... it's time to make a list about the best things which come with winter! And hopefully, with a little help from SheIn, I'll have had all of my wishes come true by the end of the season!

  •  Christmas

Holidays are coming! And this one is on the top of the list because it deserves the place. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I don't know if that's because it means family, gifts, sweets, cute decorations, carols or simply because it fills up our hearts with joy. The Christmas spirit can only be felt during this period of the year and it is truly a unique feeling.

  • Hot Drinks

Hot cocoa with cream and cherry flavored tea are my favorites. For me, there's no better time to drink them than winter time, with a fluffy blanket on the couch or at a cozy coffee shop, staring at the window and watching the day collapsing into night at the very 4 pm.

Also, if you're a chocolate freak like me you should check this awesome list with tips for personalizing your cup of hot chocolate to make it even tastier. Click here.

  • Lights Everywhere

And the magic begins! Suddenly streets, houses, stores, cities come to life and it's a pleasure to walk your way anywhere, even though there are -10 Celsius degrees.

  • Cozy clothes

Fluffy socks, fluffy blankets, fluffy sweaters, fluffy scarves, fluffy everything!

  • The Haste

Everyone's in a rush — to get home, to buy presents, to meet someone, to shop for Christmas...Everyone's simply hurrying up! I've been fascinated about this since I was little, because my little town gets harmonized with the haste around the holidays in such a way that it almost feels unfamiliar.

  • Warm places

Warm places for warm people with cold hands. Coffee shops and restaurants are filled with love during the season and it's amazing to just catch up with a friend and watch how the snowflakes play outside the window.

  • Snow

I kept snow for the final because I start hating it after the middle of January passes...but it's pure magic until then and holidays without it definitely don't feel the same. Plus it's a must for snowboarding and skiing freaks. Yay to snow!

These are just some of the reasons that comfort me during the cold winter, but I'm sure you can add a lot more so feel free to share some of them!

Still, as I was saying in the begging of the post, the clothing website SheIn asked me to create my winter wishlist, so ta-da, I put together my idea of a pretty outfit for a winter day! I've also made a self-challenge out of it — I have until the end of the season to re-create the look. Wish me good luck!

Coats: here | Tops: here | Skirts: here | Boots: here | Hats: here | Bags: here | Jewelry: here