Why I'm Always Late

I’m almost always a few minutes late. I am completely aware of the fact that the people around me have had a huge influence on my habitual clock (especially my boyfriend, hope you’re reading this), but in reality no one, other than me, is responsible for those extra minutes that annoy everyone who has to wait them pass. However, I’ve never tried to excuse my behavior, maybe just my way out of the situations, but never my behavior, because that’s just who I am and how I handle things. I think there is a thin line between two kinds of being late:

  • Rude Late >> Talking about that kind of tardiness which affects someone else or a group of people, like an important meeting or an exam.
  • Okay Late >> Meaning the person who's being late is dispensable and doesn't affect the event, such as a friends hangout or a party.

Admittedly, I found myself in the first situation as much as in the second one. The difference which, for me, makes it ok, is that I feel bad, really bad for leaving someone waiting for me. When in that case, I remember myself & themselves that at some point in their lives they had, unwittingly, done the same thing. It’s natural, it’s human and I’m not attempting to insult anyone by my tardiness.

Now that I've cleared that up, it's time to get to the real stuff. Below you'll find the main 3 reasons that get between me and me being ready on time:

1. Make-Up

As a girl, when you need to go somewhere that requires a very pretty face, your time for getting ready automatically shortens. Putting on make-up is quite of a job and even though you think you have approximated correctly the time you need, there's always an eye that could use some more shade. Don't make fun of me because I need 5 up to 10 minutes to put on my lipstick, okay? I'm a perfectionist and the outcome is worth it.

2. Sleep

Sleep is my favorite thing that my body demands. I can't describe the tormenting feeling that I got this morning when my mom woke me up just 15 minutes before the doctor's appointment. I’d forgot to set up the alarm the night before, it happens. At least I didn't snoozed it a couple of times or canceled it when it went on, right?(like that doesn't happen often enough). Whenever I have to go somewhere in the morning I suddenly nurture the deepest love relationship with my bed and my brain starts telling me all the reasons in the world why I can’t leave. You’re feeling me on this, I know that!

3. ???

I have to be honest - sometimes I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I'm late. It has happened way too often to start getting ready hours before leaving and to realize after completing 3 out of 5 tasks that I have time left only for 1. What's crazy is that somehow I manage to get all of them done — the power of the last-minute call.

As some additional information I wanna share an article about tardiness. Even though I don't completely agree with the author, I found little pieces of myself between the lines and that determined me to write my own ones. You can find the article here if you're interested and, hopefully, by the time you finish it you'll have agreed on this idea: being late does pay off in the long-run.