Do you ever listen to the voices in your head? Voices, as in the thoughts that come and go quicker than a lightning and bear with us each day? It really is a good exercise for knowing yourself better. That insane amount of thoughts which flows through our minds every day, every moment, is a reflection of our true selves. Don't you think so? Just stop and listen for a minute. 

The fact that those voices know exactly what we should do is mind-blowing. Instincts — that's what they're called. Everybody has them, but not everyone takes advantage of their influence. I am a very instinctive person (I blame that on my zodiac sign) and I love examining my actions based on my intuition. Sometimes I react the way it first comes to my mind, without overthinking the situation, because that's how things get a certain genuineness that I fancy. Naturalness is catchy.

Since it's been such an enjoyable weather outside, my instincts called for a refreshing walk around the park. Maria apparently hates shooting there, but I kinda' left her no choice *inserting evil face*.