Vanilla Light

I feel like my university has decided to mess up our first month of summer and postponed the exam session as long as it could. That would be the reason why I am drowning right now in hundreds of pages of work, while most of my friends are on the verge of moving onto more appealing, weather appropriate activities. And even though in the past few weeks I have discovered a whole new level of procrastination, somehow things today have been so productive that I could afford to award myself with a blogging break.

I took these pics last week in a gorgeous sunset light. They weren't exactly part of the plan, so you'll have to excuse my not so dressed up look and the wrinkles on my dress. I am not so skilled in the art of ironing whatsoever, but the item still looks pretty dainty. And yes, despite the fact that I am too tall to wear it that way, the garment was created to be worn as a dress. I love the material and the flowy pattern which is creating the illusion of ruffles. Feel free to use my coupon code Diana 576 for it and other items that you like on for orders over 50$.

Dress: HERE   Trousers: HERE   Sandals: HERE   Bag: HERE