'I just take my time with all the s**t I still believe in' - line found in a random song. I take my time with everything that gets my interest as well. I take care of the things that concern me, too. I don't need a lecture on that. That's not about being selfish, it's about being human on a certain emotional level. So what if I need to take a nap to function properly? I'm gonna do it while I can still afford it. So what if I don't wanna borrow you my blanket? You can have any other than mine. So what if I feel sorrowful because my shoes were ruined? God damn it, I loved those shoes!

People act like they don't have anything in the world they care about. How hypocritical. We all have it, and it goes from people to things or places. Does anybody empathize here anymore? Sorry if I sound fussy, I'm actually in a very tranquil mood. But, well, vibes get killed so easily.