I know I might've taken my nickname too seriously, but I swear I had a thing for fluffy/furry garments long before I was called a 'bear'.

These half-furred gloves are from the Men's section, but I fell head over heels with them so I didn't care what the name tag said. As for a fact, when I go shopping I often check the Men's section in stores too (am I the only freak around here?!). Some clothes for men just look too damn good! Once, I entered the fitting room with two shirts to picture myself in a manly outfit. It felt a little bit awkward to be the only girl in there, trying on apparels for men... However, I put on hold the thought of buying anything because I was scared it would have ended up in the back of my closet. Now I don't think I would be so skeptical, but until I'll actually buy a shirt for myself I'll probably borrow one from my boyfriend's closet. You know, just to see how it fits.

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