The Tall Tale

'Wow, you look like a giant', 'How's it going up there?', 'It must be so hard to find someone as tall as you' — just a few lines that can make my facial expression go from 100% sweetie to 100% stfu.

I know I am tall, I know I tower most of my friends. I don't wear heels to show off, I wear them because I like it as much as any other 'petite' girl does. Being the tall one is actually more awesome than you could imagine. Just follow me on this:

  • You don't have to worry about getting lost at events because your head is gonna pop up from the crowd
  • Your height gives you a lot of confidence
  • Legs look even longer with heels
  • You're constantly told you should model, even though you don't have the accurate sizes, which is pretty flattering
  • You stand up, you stand out

But one of my favorite perks of being tall? The dress on the model will fit exactly like you want to! That is definitely why online shopping means no worries for me. Take this incredible dress for example, which I got from It didn't need any additional tailoring, but that's also probably because of its lovely silky material. Besides, it is super comfy so I would totally recommend you take a look at their products. Hint: the maxi dresses they provide are more numerous and perfect for cocktail-party events. Happy shopping y'all!