The other side

The truth doesn't have temperature, but why does it leave you cold? 'Cause the truth is...I've been running from some thoughts lately. Where do your own thoughts hide? Mine are always playing. They have a habit of coming back in the most unexpected moments. I know I'm not being coherent. My thoughts only have to make sense for me, you get it? And they all do, eventually.

I lost some important drafts I'd been saving for the blog and since then I feel like I've been writing bulls**t. It felt like all the languages in the world couldn't help me find the lost words. That wasn't who I wanted to unveil here. That was the light, sane part of me. Half of it. You'll see her again, don't worry. You can always tell the difference between us in the pictures: some glow, some feel heavy. That's because this part of me is more dramatic. Wait, dramatic? No, I meant artistic. I always had it in me, it's inherited in my soul. But I never knew what I should call it until my boyfriend named it.

Meet my alter-ego, she's called The Bear Girl. She's gonna stay around and she's not gonna make much sense.