The Map Of Moments

Since The Bear Girl Turned 1 yesterday, I got emotional and reviewed all of my blog entries. Some of them ended up deleted, some brought up wonderful moments, but all of them put a big smile on my bear face. For the sake of throwbacks and old outfits, I came up with The Map of Moments concept, aimed at highlighting some of my favorite posts. 

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Mentally Stuck Elsewhere, February 2015

Perspectives, March 2015

I was still writing my thoughts in Romanian then, I almost forgot I used to do that lol.

Electric, April 2015

I really loved this one. It was actually the first time I wore my hair straightened for a photo session.

Lazy, May 2015

Fringes everywhere.

A Dreamer's Post #3in1

Probably my favorite post so far. I miss Maria's amazing shots. :(

Goddess, July 2015

I also miss my friend's incredible Photoshop Skills...

Q&A, August 2015

This one was girlish. I'm still in love with those white flared pants.

Fall Feeling, September 2015

Cotton Candy, October 2015

I am so happy I found the most suitable outfit for my heart-shaped sunglasses.

Flow, November 2015

The apogee of my hipster days.

Royal, December 2015

Crawling Back To Work, January 2016

A year in photos. Looking back on them I'm not really proud of my first outfits, but the courage of posting them cannot remain unappreciated. You're allowed to take a laugh at them, I did it too.