The Bear Girl Turns 1

Happy Birthday to The Bear Girl! Yup, that's right, exactly one year ago I was uploading my very first blog entry, nervous and excited at the same time! The emotions have been shaped ever since, but the excitement remained all the way with me in this amazing ride.

Taking the risk of sounding too corny, I want to thank everyone who's been helping me out with TBG. Especially my best friends; they have to face all kinds of weather conditions to take photos of me and experience weird positions to get the right angle. I also have to go sentimental all the way and thank anyone who's taking a few minutes to read a post of mine once in a while. You're more helpful than you can imagine, no matter if you like it or not.

When I started I was confident of one thing: it won't be easy. My anticipation was accurate, but time has proven me one detail which changed the game: it is fun. I like it, now I get why blogging is such a rising domain: if you find the right combination, you get to work with what you enjoy doing.

Another perk is that you learn a lot of things. From HTML basics (that was something HUGE for me since I never had any knowledge about the web world) to advertising and marketing stuff. In my case, I can add on the list Photoshop skills, photography skills, make-up and styling essentials. However, above all of these I would say gaining self-confidence is the biggest advantage. Managing to cope with haters, with people annoyingly staring at me while taking photos, as well as exposing myself online are just a few of the aspects which made me bolder.

I'm convinced one year wasn't all for me. I nurtured love for my baby-blog and I have too many crazy ideas to let them go. I hope until year 2 I will have shared with you as many as possible!

One year down, a lot more to come.