Sweatshop (ˈswɛtˌʃɒp) - noun - a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions.

We all love getting new clothes, don't we? Some of us even more than others, that's why shopping is a 'cardio' today. But have you ever wondered, while you were putting on that new astonishing jacket, who sew together those pieces of fabric? Where did it come from? How many had to work on it before it could even leave the manufactory?

Yeah, neither did I. Until I discovered this shocking Norwegian reality show some while ago. Sweatshop Deadly Fashion has made it its bussiness to raise awareness of the abysmal working conditions in the clothing industry. And what better way to do so if not by literally showing the problem to some of the outward facing members of that industry: fashion bloggers? Frida, Ludvig and Anniken went far out of their comfort zones for a one-month-trip to Cambodia, in order to find out what stands behind the brands who keep all of us in trend. Their discoveries are hardly imaginable: from workers' inhuman wages and living conditions to the hostile work environment.

Our bathroom is larger than her entire house.
There are so many people who are born just to do one task in life and that’s it.
They don’t have money for food; the big fashion chains starve their workers. And nobody holds them responsible.

The TV show contains only 5 episodes around 10 minutes each, which can be watched with English subtitles here. I think the least one can do is cut from their time and empathize with these people. I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite because, I must admit, if shopping could offer me a proper livelihood, I would do it 24/7. But this series made me question the famous clothing companies from which we all buy everyday at prices that turn out to be overestimated and consider more some sales shopping.

Now I know you're reading this from your computer, smartphone or another gadget and if you ever felt financially unfortunate you should undoubtedly hit the play button on the episodes of Sweatshop.  Let these words echo inside your mind: We are rich because they're poor.