Summer in Emoji #Instagram

Emoji have been everywhere from a while now. We all use them, whether it's in a conversation or if we're too lazy to write a description on a photo. The best part is they're incredibly cute and eye-catchy so sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words...or was it a picture? Anyway, I think emoji succeeded their mission, which was making social media more colorful and fun. I use emoji a lot and now that they gave me a chance to make a new series of blog entries I love them even more.

I know I've kinda' over mentioned the summer-is-gone-fall-is-here topic, but I couldn't miss the chance to start the series. I'm going to make a review of the summer by posting here photos from my Instagram; just in case you've missed them. I'll do this at the end of every season from now on, using it as a reminder of certain moments.

I'm too lazy to mention the months, but I've sorted them chronologically, from June to August. A click on the photo will get you straight to its place on my Insta feed. Now let's hold onto summer for one last time:

Got the cutest Iphone case in the world.

The fanciest McDonald's I've ever seen.

Yeah, I know I get too narcissistic sometimes.

But I'm also cute & fun.

I love the smell of trees (freak).

When your friends have their make-up on point...

Did I ever mention I'm a pasta addict?

Summer was still there when September began.