Stay Lost

We all have different perspectives on how to spend a perfect evening, Friday night, weekend, Sunday morning. I should be at a party right now, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Glamour Romania, but instead I am snuggling in bed with a warm cup of mango tea and my fluffy 'pets' surrounding me (that's what my boyfriend calls my pillows and blankets). Outside's been raining almost all day long; the cold has never thrilled me and it definitely wouldn't have gone right with my festive look. Was it the best decision to choose coziness over a get-together? Maybe not, maybe not every time, maybe not all the time, maybe not now. But I know it's okay, it's okay to be selfish sometimes, it's okay to focus your energy on yourself, it's okay to drink your coffee alone in the morning at a welcoming place, it's okay to sleep in, it's okay take some time off, it's okay to limit yourself to the people you care about. At the end of the day, I definitely feel more fulfilled after I've slept a decent amount of hours and interacted with my loved ones, than I had ever felt when I went to a party, had a few drinks and couldn't function properly the whole day after.

But that's just who I am and how I've learned to manage life, nothing so far made me regret this kind of judgement. I can't deny I love staying in, just as much as I can't deny I enjoy afternoons with friends during weekends, chilling at coffee shops and taking  lots of photos. And I hope you'll enjoy these just as much as I've enjoyed taking them!