Stay Healthy

Over the last years there has been a huge fuss about doing sports, eating healthy and basically living a healthy life. I don't think it has got to me until recently, since I had experienced on my own the assets of a fresh, active lifestyle. That is why I'm going to share some of the most useful advice I've received over a hundread times and regret I hadn't followed earlier:

1. Drink Water

And I mean...drink as much as possible! Everybody who told you that it can help you lose weight, gives you a glowy skin and helps your digestive system wasn't bluffing. And those are just a few of the advantages. I used to drink water below the normal need and I can't even remember the reason why. All I know is since I have started to do this about 6 months ago my body is more hydrated and I am more energetic at the gym. Oh, and I can also fool my stomach and eat less (take that in mind, girls).

2. Eat your vegetables

Fruits, too, but when replacing your meal use vegetables, not fruit salads. And remember the advice comes from a sugar addict (*busted*). My dad has periods of time when he experiences in the kitchen and makes the most delicious salads. Because of him I'd tasted lots of vegetable combinations and ended up loving them all. I think the key to a perfect salad is the balsamic vinegar, but I know people who can't stand its taste so this is a subjective aspect. However, it doesn't matter how you choose to season your salad, the point is we should all give up meat for some vegetables from time to time. Both the body and the mind need it.

3. Exercise

Let's be honest, people who do sports look better and also live a healthier life. Remember that the next time you skip a training session. I suffer from bronchial asthma and I got so comfortable with the idea that my body can't be overwhelmed that I wasn't lifting a finger. Now I regularly hit the gym and feel so awesome after a work-out day. I sleep well, too! I admit I have my lazy days, but I allow myself to have them only after an active period. To get from excuse to exercise you only need to change some letters.