Star Dust

Did I ever mention that I love pink? Probably just 100 times before but it doesn't matter, I'll repeat myself. Since this year's color is rose quartz and I have been wearing pink even more shamelessly, I couldn't miss out on these palazzo trousers which resemble 2 of my favorite trends and come with a wide range of advantages, such as coziness, sunscreen for those hot summer days, eye-catchy design etc. I purchased the trousers from Stradivarius and it is probably the first time I am specifying this.

I had received some notices over the time regarding my lack of brand mentions and the messages didn't stop after I started the "similar look links" either. That's why I decided it is time to make clear why I don't mention the exact brands that I'm wearing in my outfit posts, YET. There are two main reasons:

  • most of my clothes are Inditex marked. I don't wear high-end fashion, because I don't have access to the clothes, nor the money for them, yet. Probably 50% of my garments come from Zara, which has the most advantageous clothing value for money, but it doesn't even have a public, international affiliate program. I also love Missguided and Asos for the online shopping part, but I started fancying these names recently, so my wardrobe is not so loaded with their apparel.
  • not all of my garments are branded. I strongly believe you don't have to spend a fortune to dress well. If I like it, I wear it, the tag doesn't define myself, nor my sense of style. Whenever I put the clothing links in my outfit posts I try my best in finding the most accurate matches, but sometimes there just aren't so many options. However, if you would like to know the precise place where I got a certain garment from, you can ask me in the comment section/e-mail me/message me on Instagram or Facebook and I will happily let you know.

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