Solid Ground

There can't be a cold season without the presence of faux furs. I'd like to take a moment of appreciation for them since they exist, they're soft, fashionable, harmless to the environment and they keep you warm!! Looking back to my clothing style from a few years ago I don't understand what was going on through my mind when I was choosing to rather freeze to death than to pick garments which were appropriate, only because I didn't consider them too eye-catchy. Well, I think it can be called growing up (or old?). Anyway you can check out this fuzzy coat of mine at Zaful.

Learning to choose functionality over appearance became a priority when I started to treat more seriously the health issues that I had. But one thing that I understood early enough to save some time and money was the importance of good accessories. If they are cheap, they will most likely look cheap. At the same time, my budget is student-friendly so there just has to be a balance.

Watches are the only thing I probably won't ever get bored of. Since there are thousands of different types out there, it's easy to tell that details make the difference. Christmas came early for me this year because Daniel Wellington helped me extend my watch collection. On their Christmas campaign they offer amazing deals, and keep in mind that the code 'BEARGIRL' can bring you an extra 15% off.

Coat: HERE   Jumper: HERE   Trousers: HERE   Boots: HERE   Bag: HERE   Watch: HERE