Sharing thanks

To the guy who threw his gum on the sidewalk and indirectly stuck it on my shoe sole, to the crowd who shows no sign of moving from the middle of the alley, to the doctor I have an appointment at, who makes me waste an hour waiting in the hall before taking me in, to the lousy people at the cinema, who decide to share with everyone their opinions during the movie, to those who can't help making up stories over stories whenever they feel like bragging, to all of you who managed to piss me off, a big THANK YOU.

Thank you for pushing my buttons. Thank you for making me wanna strangle you. You taught me priceless lessons about myself. You made me realize that my reaction to the world in front of me says so much about the world inside of me. You are one of the reasons why I learned to always seek emotional balance. Rage and wrath are rarely the answer, while patience and compassion make the situations easier to digest.

Life is not made up for anyone. Your response to the unexpected is a telltale about yourself. No one gets to choose the moment when they have to overcome a problem. But whether you face it in a repugnant, venomous way or you response to it with wisdom and calm it's up to you. And keeping my hysterical self away from others only brought me benefits.

Be thankful for those idiots who piss you off. My God, they are surprising teachers!