I don’t know how to start things. If you read some of my blog entries you’ll probably notice that they usually have a rough beginning. I like it rough. Even though I am a perfectionist, polished things seem way more superficial to me than what comes naturally. Still, I am not even a little bit ashamed of the days when I'm all about shallow stuff.

When it comes to blogging, I'm more natural than you think. Some told me it's very selfish of me to own a blog...Wait, what? Why?! It's not like I'm sharing life stories around or making a buzz over myself. I barely talk about personal shit and not at all about others'. I follow a lot of blogs for inspiration or only because I love reading them and there are people whose blog basis is all about themselves: their job, their lifestyle, their family, and that's what they're appreciated for. I don't think sharing with others something good is selfish, but being hateful is.