I've spent the last half hour scrolling through the internet and trying to figure out whether this skirt's color is a shade of purple or violet. I've mentioned before my love for fringed clothing items, but I don't think I've said something about my fascination for anything that is purple/mauve/violet/indigo. When I saw this skirt a few days ago in a clothing store it was like my eyes started glimmering.

Purple is the color which symbolizes royalty and, according to Wikipedia, it's been associated with the status ever since it was worn by Roman emperors. It is still used by the British Royal Family and other royalty in Europe as a ceremonial color on special occasions. I used to fancy almost everything which came in shades of pink and purple when I was little, so a lot of my clothes looked like that. I still love the colors, but since I'm going through a monochrome period, I've limited myself on my room decor.

Even if I couldn't find the exact color of the skirt, I think it's close to the Japanese violet. I also had no idea how many identified shades of violet and purple there are...