I’ve come to understand something simple and useful: there are two reasons why people don’t ask a question:

- they already know the answer

- they don’t wanna know the answer

On the other side, what I can’t understand is why we, as human beings, love to complicate things. I, personally, fucking love complicated things and have no idea why! Cause in that moment, when you find yourself stuck with the words inside your mouth, almost feeling their heaviness at the tip of your tongue, not knowing whether to let it out or not, you are slowly getting yourself into a knotty situation. Why? When you could so easily avoid getting your brain eaten by the ‚what-if’s’. Most people don’t ask that question that has been disturbing them, because that's what happens when doubt meets ego. Whereas the other part of people, who overcome the stupid fear, might be upset by the answer; but they also might be thrilled by it. So when you look at it that way, is there really so much to lose? If the words won’t come out, that is your subconscious saying that you’re about to make a wrong move. Two simple options there: try again when you feel ready or take the risk and prepare yourself for the worst response. Easy breezy!

*I've instinctively written these lines for my own self, 'cause I have the tendency to choose complication over simplicity. Now go and put a pretty outfit on and stop complicating your life ‘cause you don’t get another one to live!

P.S. I have no excuse for my lack of activity and I probably won't post often this month — missing my fav photographer, Maria. :(