Pick A Side

There are clothes which we simply buy and bury them in the back of the closet until their time comes, and then, there are those garments that we patiently wish for, wait for, which makes buying them incredibly satisfying. I've waited for this hoodie from the day when The Weeknd's collaboration with H&M was announced to the moment when it actually dropped. Let's not focus on the crappy limited edition garments in the collection right now, there were a few worth the money... I had to buy the hoodie online because it was available exclusively there, so add another week to the delay. But ever since it finally came, I've been seeing it fitting in 90% of my outfits and hardly withhold from actually wearing it. This phase won't last, 'cause it happens with most of the new clothes that I buy, but I am convinced I'll still go for this hoodie over the other ones that I own in a few months from now. Isn't it weird how deeply we care for clothes after we link them emotionally?

And in case you wanted to, but couldn't get your hands on the cool products before they sold out, let me just say that some of The Weeknd's tour merch is available at Asos, here.

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