Perpetual Change

People change like the seasons and new changes occur everyday. Maybe the best way to remain true to your senses is to seek the change and accept it as it is. Otherwise, how would we grow?

I've read such a stimulating writing (it's actually a book but I hesitate to call it that way since it has less than 50 pages) 2 or 3 months ago based on a recommendation of a dear bookworm friend. It's called 'Who moved my cheese?' and it's the most motivating...thing...I've ever read. That little book is pretty encouraging and helped me comprehend what I already knew. Yep, most of the things that book contains are widely known by anyone who troubles their mind a little, but they're written in such a way that makes you analyze and focus on what's important.

The tale is one of the best-selling business books and the reason why I'm mentioning it now is because I go through a fascinating stage of my life when I realize the beginning of making important life decisions has come. Adapting to the change is self-relieving in any case, not just mine, but sometimes it takes a few words to remember that. I read that fable again a week ago to keep my vibes on the same frequency and I'll do that as often as I need. There's also an animated video on youtube of the story, but it has a bigger impact after the book is read.

Changes also made their appearance into my wardrobe, forcing me to bring back to daylight the blazers and soon, very soon, the sweaters. That's not something crappy at all actually because I'm a bit bored of t-shirts. However, there are still a lot of perfect-temperature-days ahead and until I get to put layers and layers of clothes on me there will be enough looks like this one!