Perfect vs. Imperfect

Finding perfection in imperfection. Sounds superficial, right? All of those so-called 'motivational quotes' that people are buzzing around lately seem overrated. A read book doesn't make you intelligent, it only adds some intelligence.

But perfection isn't a stereotype. It does exist, within each of us. I've come to understand the reason why people can't settle down on this one is because everyone sees things differently. My arts teacher once told a story about how she had shown a painting to a class in order to make students see particular color combinations. She said it wasn't until one of the students saw blue instead of plum she realized that 'two people can look at the exact same thing and have different perspectives'. Crazy, right? That made me ask myself some twisted questions like 'What is perspective?' or 'Does perspective define our lives?'. I still haven't found the accurate answers, but the dictionary says that perspective represents the way we view something. I think it's way more than that.

It's easier to point out what is missing than to look at what you've already got. You can't find perfection in the world out there until you discover and express the world within yourself. It sucks that no one teaches us how to do that. But experiences aren't just for memories, they're for growing us into ourselves.

Speaking of perfection, I think that women have another word for it: SHOES. I mean, I can't decide if my new sandals are imperfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect. The daily dilemma.