Open Sides

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss blogging or being socially active, but I've also enjoyed every moment of my time off. I wanted to do nothing but focus on myself this holiday and so far it's been working out better than I had expected. Oh, but the discomfort that I felt while taking these pictures due to the lack of 'practice' has reminded me that there's a very thin line between resting and laziness...

Considering that it's past mid-July I figured that a summer-friendly look would be the appropriate choice for this post. Looking at my outfit right now, I can't quite understand how I started from that idea and got to wearing high-waisted long jeans instead of shorts or a skirt. I guess the open side of this pair of jeans, which I am basically obsessed with and it took me about 2 months to find my size in the store, can count as useful for the heat. This type of bottoms come in handy especially for those who aren't big fans of culottes (if there's someone out there whatsoever?) and I think once you own a pair, you'll inevitably love them.

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