No Waste

You know that moment when you have so much stuff to do that you just fool around doing insignificant things instead? Yeah, that's me right now. Instead of doing my school work or preparing a presentation or looking over Photoshop tutorials I just sit in front of my computer searching through Pinterest and Tumblr (check them out, btw!) and writing on blog. Well, blogging isn't actually any near useless, but it should've been at the bottom of my To Do List today.

I am so confident on my abilities to organize my time that I end up too often doing what I like instead of doing what I should. The thing is I haven't figure out yet whether that's a bad or a good thing? Too much confidence could turn out into a mess at some point inasmuch as focusing on passions could lift me up. I've been debating this problem lately, since I've read an article online about the perks of an accurate schedule. They say time means money, so it pays off not to waste any time. Having said that, I need to go get some work done!