Maybe Monday

A week ago I put real life on hold to visit Brussels. The fact that I decided to take a city break right at the beginning of the new semester seemed like the right decision to make, after all, who doesn't want an extended vacay? Once I got back, my getaway friends and I were the only lunatic ones who had no idea what planet they're on and missed the most important stuff from the lectures. And I still have no idea which subjects I'm on, dropped my phone in the water this morning, haven't slept 7 hours in a night since forever, and I could go on like this for a while...

Well, at least all it took was a quick vacation for the weather to finally allow me to lose the 8 layers of clothing and put on less. Now it already looks and feels like Spring, so you'll start seeing sunglasses, again, very often in my outfits. 😁

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