May Crush: Denim Jackets

There is a high chance that leather jackets will never be missing from my wardrobe, but lately I have been obsessing over almost every denim one that I have seen in the stores. I found myself buying 3 of them in the past months and I'm hardly helping myself from purchasing another one, considering the fact that summer is just a few days away. Truth be told, it hasn't exactly been the hottest Spring I have ever lived (in my entire 18 years of existence...) and since I was finding leather jackets a little too much and blazers slightly not enough, denim seemed like the right choice for the weather outside.

Another reason why I fell in love with them is because the more oversized one is, the better you're going to look in it, which isn't exactly the case with leather jackets. Or at least not my case. This comparison has to stop here until I have to name this post 'Denim Jackets Vs. Leather Jackets'. I'll leave below some really cool pieces that I found so you should check them out and see if my theories are accurate.  😜

1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE