Reasons To Love Summer

If I were to pick a season for the rest of my life I would go for summer without blinking. Ever since I was a kid I’ve basically had a crush on this period of the year. Of course, I find beauty in every season: the wilderness of color during the fall, snow and the sports which come with it in winter or the blooming trees' perfume in spring...but nothing seems more appealing to me than summertime. You need proof? Here you have it:

  • Holidays

More free time means more escapes: to the seaside, to the mountains, to another city, country, anywhere you want. We’re more likely to go on a vacay in the summer because that’s what this season is about: relaxing. So go on and sit on a hammock, stare at the stars, collect seashells, drink a cocktail by the pool, feel the sand through your fingers, go on a hike or whatever makes you let loose.

  • Warm nights

Warm everything basically, but warm nights are the best part. At least for a sunset lover like me. You can finally stay outside wearing a tee all night long without catching a cold. Isn’t this awesome?? Parties take place outside instead of a smoky room, you can have overnight road trips with just a tent and the lights, oh the lights of the cities, streets, buildings look way better during this time.

  • Shorts

Damn right, it is that time! Both guys&girls love it. Each with their own reasons. From leather to jeans or lace, shorts are versatile and easy to rock. Just keep this in mind: not too short, not too long, not too tight, not too large. Put in some effort, but find the right ones.

  • Fruits&Ice Cream

They are tastier, admit it. Since the begging of June, my fridge has been filled with piles of seasonal fruit, starting with strawberries, cherries, apricots and now, my favorite ones, watermelon. I’ve just finished a snack and I don’t even feel ashamed of eating it this late. They’re the healthy, refreshing snack during these heat days. The same invigorating option is without any doubt the ice cream, but that’s less healthy unless you choose to do it yourself.

  • Sunglasses

They’re like the coolest accessory of the season. Maria’s always reminding me to wear sunglasses when we shoot because she says they become the key element of the pics and add shades of cool. I ended up agreeing with her after comparing some portraits. Beside the fact that they’re VERY helpful, sunglasses give everyone some confidence, so why not wear them?


One more personal reason why I love summer is my birthday. I know it's going to sound twisted, but I actually dislike my birthdays. I just love the fact that I was born in a warm, sunny day. That's also the reason why I keep it on the down low when it comes to celebrating it. Most people don't get it when I try explaining why I don't like my birthdays so I'm not gonna do it here, but since it just passed I thought I should share some outfit pics.

Hope you're making the best out of this summer!