Little things

In my constant hunt for more knowledge, I've read on a blog one of the weirdest theories: that there are no little things in life. I've let that idea flow through my mind and tried to understand it, but I couldn't. This just shows me how different we can be from each other.

How can one think that life is only a pile of identical moments? Everyone keeps close to their hearts flashes from meaningful days or buried in the dustiest corners of their minds things that affected them terribly. I think time is divided and when you live both physically and mentally in the moment, you automatically categorize it. If you think about it, you realize it's paradoxical: we tend to call 'little' those things that have a big impact on us and big deals often turn out to be something insignificant, which we had overreacted on. That's the beauty of it.

Looking at these photos, writing about little things and listening to the song of this post put summer on my mind. The sea, to be more specific. Some of my friends spent this weekend at the seaside and I'm starting to feel remorse because I didn't go with them...but the waiting should make summer break more worthy. Are you with me on this or what?!

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