June Crush: Sunglasses

Something quite unforeseeable, I know. From the moment when it's starting to warm up,  sunglasses are the number one accessory that I suddenly can't live without. This month I have discovered that there are many other shapes (wow!) that suit my facial features as well as the cateye ones do. And even though I didn't include much of those other shapes in this post, because the cateye type is still my first love, I have recently purchased two peculiar pairs I plan on showing off soon.

I always felt like wearing sunglasses, no matter the shape, lenses or border, makes people look badass in some kind of way. Like they don't only block the sun rays, but other stuff too: hate, conversations, people...depends on how you wear them. However some sunnies became overworn in the past few years. For me it's more interesting to choose odd sunglasses as long as you look good and they get their job done, so down below I have found some particular cool pairs that are waiting to be checked out.

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