January Crush: Hats & Beanies

Since I don't fancy those so-called 'wishlists' kind of posts, which have become very popular amongst bloggers, I came up with a personalized idea of the concept: The Monthly Crush.

I've been having a lot of 'bad hair' days lately. Best solution in the world? Hats and beanies!
It's the season of cold so they're the ultimate quick fix when your hair kills the good vibes (we've all been there). They can also create the problem: if my hair looks fine and I put a beanie on, I can't even dare look in the mirror after I take it off... But they pay-off especially in the snowy days. Besides, let's face it, a hat or a beanie can upgrade an outfit from medium to premium.

Take a look at these:

1. Here   2. Here  3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here