High Hopes

One of my biggest goals is to not let a day walk by without doing something significant. Anything that's done, no matter how little it seems, will get me closer to where I want to be. At the end of each day I review my previous activity and feel completely useless if there isn't at least one notable thing to count.

It's actually very logic why one of my biggest fears is to end up living a dull life. I was taught, from an early age, that 'only fools get bored'. It was only later that I understood the real message and, truth be told, I still find new ways to construe its accuracy. Why do only fools get bored? Because wise people know how to take advantage of every minute! I feel quite proud of myself that I barely found the time to sleep more than 6 hours per night lately. I also feel tired as f**k,  but that 100% level of productivity is worth it. No pain no gain they say...

Btw, I shamelessly declare myself obsessed with leather. Leather jackets, leather pants, leather EVERYTHING this season! Prepare and beware of leatherish* outfit posts.