I've been having so many moments for myself lately I almost forgot how lonely it can get at some point. I love doing things for myself...by myself...with myself. I love drinking my coffee alone at a cute coffee lounge, I love walking alone by the sunset, I enjoy so much baking muffins without sharing them or shopping alone or spending 2 hours to do my make-up or...ok, you got the point. But there comes a time when I really need people around me and suddenly I remember I only have 2 or 3 friends, who can't put on hold their own lives for me. That's when I get a bit emotional 'cause I'm a cancer and I can't help it. However, feelings come&go so the mood passes quickly.

Ignoring the selfish part of these previous sentences, I'm pretty blown away by how many things in this life we have to do alone. I think the whole "it's my life, it's my choice" idea is fundamentally sad. On the one hand because, well, life can get lonely and on the other because we make our choices based on everything that influences us, so it's never actually 'your' decision. Speaking of which, I have to confess it wasn't my decision to buy the dress you'll see below. Even though I ended up loving it because it makes me feel like I'm a Greek Goddess, I'll blame any comment for its length on my mother. I'm fancy like that.