Floral Dream

Sundays are still my favorite days of the week. I remember hating them while I was living in France, because the cultural gap was messing with my idea of how a Sunday should feel like. Everything was closed there, from malls to shopping stores, and you could barely find a coffee shop open. But in Romania Sundays feel so peaceful and soothing, like a day meant for soul healing. A day meant for spending time with your family, friends, brunches, walks, reading and taking pics. And it is thanks to days that fall into this category that I manage to put together blog posts like this one.

I’ve been going back and forth between maintaining an online presence and going full undercover. Having started working in a PR agency meant discovering a different perspective on how business functions in the world of the public image. The glamour fades once you contribute at building it, but the acomplishment of watching your work being brought to life and then being appreciated for it is indescribable. I have suprisingly found great pleasure into knowing what’s going on behind the scenes and I’ve realized that is where I would like to focus my energy on.

My absence on this virtual diary is due to the fact that it took me a while to understand and accept the idea that I also belong on the other side of the show. I still love attending parties as a guest, I still enjoy being in front of the camera and I still love the perks of working on my own social media channels. I love creating content for myself, not only for clients and events, and it’s still therapeutical to share my random thoughts on my personal online spaces. Most of the times when I get at a mental crossroad such as the one described above there’s one thing that helps me handle it better: telling myself Remember why you started (I should have this tattooed lol). I somehow know instinctively the answer and then it is just a matter of time until I wrap my head around the idea and accept it. Maybe some will find it useful too.

In other words I’ve remembered why I’ve started this blogging journey and I’m not yet ready to let it go. Thanks for stopping by my page. I appreciate you bearing with me until this last line and I hope you enjoy my content. 😊

Wearing a Lynne outfit.