Fall Feeling

There's such a cozy feeling that's spreading through my entire body when the wind softly moves the lazy leaves...I took the time to stare at the woods last weekend and the colors slowly took my breath away. As much as I dislike this season I think during September the nature looks incredible, which is why I love paintings that caption it on this particular time of the year. I used to love painting when I was little, but for some unknown reason (maybe some lack of confidence) I gave it up.

I remember wanting to paint the woods in all of its stages: from fall to summer. I didn't get too far with that idea, but I've managed to find another way of expressing feelings through colors: dressing-up. Don't get it twisted, my blog often makes things fancier than they truly are (that's the point) and my everyday outfits are usually random clothes picked up from the closet in a decent harmony. Oh, but there are those days when some item of clothing just screams at me: 'PUT ME IN A NICE OUTFIT' — and then pics happen. That's become my new way of painting.