Extra Red

It was probably around the time when I opened this blog when my feelings for summer fabrics and looks have started to fade, little by little, in comparison to the love for sweaters. This autumn hasn't yet gave me many chances to wear them, but don't take that as a complaint, so far France has been wonderful on many levels, including the forecast. I was so ready for the changes that were lining up my way, I swear, the only thing I didn't see coming by any means was the chaos. The messy process of organizational adaptation has been way too confusing, especially since I wouldn't generally put myself in the category of people who have their sh*t together. From bank matters to picking up the courses and even buying a freaking phone sim, everything has been tangled and way too complicated than it should had been. And some of the matters still aren't solved. On the other hand, in the middle of the administrative confusion I found myself more emotionally stable than ever. I couldn't be more grateful for feeling loved and supported and as cliché as it gets, the other things can't hurt you if you're at peace with yourself.

So while September meant chaos and I had to take things slowly, October is already feeling more welcoming. I've been waiting for the right day to finally shoot pics in this red obsession of mine. It's one of those items that I'd love to live in until the rest of the cold days, considering that I'm a sucker for fluffy/soft fabrics. I would also like to take a moment of appreciation for this perfect pair of jeans. 💓 I could only choose to take with me a few pairs from back home, which made a good excuse for buying this one...And a few more other things...

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