Somehow I managed to stay away from this blog for over a month now. Not that it would be the first time, but I really don't plan on making a habit out of this. One of the main reasons why I hate being away is that whenever I get back with a new blog entry, I completely mess up the setting and between the last outfit and the new one is usually no connection. But due to Bucharest's overwhelmingly warm weather it's actually not that bad this time...

Hint: I wasn't melting off completely in this long sleeve dress. Even though there were 26 Celsius degrees (and I could add 3 more considering that I was on the top of a building with no sign of shade anywhere), the silky material and the ruffle ending of the dress kept me cool. It is my favorite garment at the moment and that says a lot since I am very picky when it comes to prints. 💖 And probably the best part is the color 'cause I have nothing similar in my wardrobe and haven't seen something very much alike in the stores. You can shop for the floral print dress here and if you're looking for more one of really cool then take a look at the VIPme website.

P.S. Use my code Diana576 for 5 dollars off 50!