I don't know about you, but I love the rush before the holidays. Seeing everybody hurrying around and worrying about not having enough time gives me more energy. It also makes me appreciate the stillness of a Sunday or the silence of an empty park.

I've been on the rush as well these past few days as I took a roadtrip to discover more of what my beautiful country has to reveal. The 12 hours that I've just slept at home felt heaveanly in comparison to the 12 hours that I had slept out of 48 on the road. I won't say too much about my outing because I haven't yet figured out if the tiredness was worth the views and places that I had seen. One thing is for sure clear to me now more than ever: who you travel with really is more important than your destination.

Being busy unfortunately meant not being able to share with you my last photos taken by Maria (this girl never stops blowing my mind!). It was the first time when I wore heels for pictures and I was about 1,9m tall (6'2"), which means a lot for a shortie like her. But between jokes about bringing a stool the next time we shoot and complaints about the lighting, she really did managed!

And if you haven't already celebrated it, wish you all a blissful Easter!