Now this is more blogger-ish. Excuse my random outfit posts, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to get 'that' ready, but here I am now, all dressy and s**t.

No one likes to be formal every single day, no matter how hard they try to impress others with that idea. Sneakers and flats are just fluffy clouds for our feet sometimes. ❤️ However, whether girls accept it or not, we get upgraded when we add high heels to our outfits. Our feet look longer, we feel a little bit more confident and the body posture is more appealing to the eye. But if you're a boy reading this or a girl who's never worn high heels (talking higher than 8 cm, in which case, what the heck girl?! go try it!) don't get it twisted, heels are NOT for every one. Ever wondered why that gorgeous girl you saw at the beginning of a party was looking less glamorous after one hour, when she took her high heels off? IT HURTS. Staying up all night on high heels isn't just like wearing a new pair of uncomfortable shoes, you have to consider the fact that your heel bones are literally up. Being pretty comes with a price; some can't pay it, some just don't want to. I personally go for division: days when I feel lady-like and days when I'm lazy.

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