I can't even find the words to describe the horrible light that was outside when I took these photos... but I was into this outfit too much, so I figured, why not desaturate them and create a new category called 'Black&White'? It will also be a source of inspiration for my photographer-friend Maria, because there were, oh, too many times when she asked me to post b&w pics and I unhesitatingly turned her down.

Anyway, now that September is here I need to get my sh*t together and start doing what I kept postponing during summer break. I'm not saying that I haven't wiped off enough from my to-do list, but choosing my college should've been my no. 1 priority and I kind of tiptoed around it. I know what course I'm gonna follow (and I thought this was the hardest part), but I'm really undecided about the college itself. Maybe the most worrying part is that I'm not even that worried! In fact, I keep saying to myself that there's plenty of time and I'm gonna figure it out soon...and that's probably how it's gonna work anyway.

I know there are a lot in the same boat as me, so if you're feeling this, stop worrying. We'll still have time left for panicking after we get everything in order.