Darken Up

From time to time I like to dress up in all of the rainbow's colors and show off the madness on the streets. As you can notice, today is certainly not the case. Sometimes I just like all of my colors mixed together, turned into the finest shade – black. All it took to make me go back to the black, dark-colored clothing was a little drop in the temperature. After so many weeks of warm weather, fall is finally making its presence in Lyon, an event I wouldn't had thought I'd be happy about, so the chance to wear sweaters and pulls and everything autumn-ish was more than welcomed.

What I am actually the most excited about is the opportunity to wear these bad ass boots from Sacha Shoes, cool enough to make a basic outfit way prettier. I used to think pointed toe shoes weren't made for my feet since I'm a size 40 (EU), until I've discovered that it's all about the pair that you're buying. The toe style surely makes a difference, but the focus should be on the quality itself. I still get easily fooled in the world of fast-fashion, but searching for the right pair that will make your feet appear longer and will step up your shoe game is no waste of time. Now I am highly grateful that my Sacha boots manage to check the boxes mentioned above, counting the fact that they're incredibly comfortable as well.

So if you are on the hunt for the pointed toe style too or you just feel like treating yourself with a new gorgeous pair of boots, I guarantee you'll be obsessed with these ones and you'll see them matching most of your outfits. They're my new go-to boots for the cold season so please bear me wearing them like crazy in the future posts.