Crawling Back To Work

It's not that I've been lazy...I just have no idea what happened between 2015 and the middle of January 2016 and why I haven't posted anything here. I was preparing an article, but then I thought I must start the year with an outfit — for good luck. Gosh, I wish I had more time for my hobby, because every time I start writing on blog an inexplicable and satisfying feeling covers my senses. I also enjoy the hell out of taking pictures, mostly because it's an excuse to get pretty.

However, it's NOT an easy task. Before I started this virtual diary it seemed easy peasy to post regularly. That's probably due to most of the bloggers, who make it look effortless (take Andy Torres or Micah Gianneli for example), but once I had my own one I began to see the insights of the job. As it's going to be a rocky year for me, I simply hope TBGirl will make it out ok and routinely updated.

P.S. When I took these pics the thermometer showed slightly over 10 Celsius degrees. Just in case you were wondering why I was wearing a leather jacket in the middle of winter...

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