Color Burst

My mind is so rarely a quiet, calm place that I've come to overvalue those moments. Whenever I want to start something I remember I should do another thing first and end up doing something different than the other two things. Does that make sense? Sorry if not, I intended to start this post differently, but well...I have this problem ever since I was little and my parents always turned it into a funny thing, blaming it on my zodiac sign: 'What an undecided cancer you are, making two steps forward and one step back'. I guess that's why I embrace it now and got used to being doubtful all the time.

I am hesitating when it comes to clothes as well. I felt like I was having way too many B&W moments lately so I rummaged my closet and found these incredibly comfortable shorts that I bought a while ago and completely forgot about. I realize know that they're maybe the most colorful garment I own, which is pretty weird because I never thought I'd come to the point where my closet would be filled up with no-pattern items. The 7 year-old me who used to love everything pink would be now quite disappointed.