There's this thing called offline life that's been keeping me focused on impalpable, desirable things, family and self-improvement; busy enough to stay away from this blogging hobby. There comes a certain point in your path where crossroads become overwhelming and the pressure of making valuable decisions is increasing. That's when you know you need time off.

While most of the population is already aware of how they're gonna be enjoying piña coladas on the beach or how many sunrises will catch them dancing this summer, I have exactly zero plans and getting a job is keeping me from making any at the moment (but I wouldn't mind some vacay recommendations if you feel like sharing*). A festival, an exotic vacation, a weekend getaway, a city-break? Maybe all of them? Until fate gets to decide that, I'll have my wardrobe prepared for every outcome. That's part of the reason why I'm walking in the heart of the city dressed like I'm going to the beach: if you can't go the seaside, you can at least look like it, right?