If there's one thing that I really love my country for, it's internet. I've recently moved to Lyon, France for my university studies and I've been in a 24/7 war with the Wi-Fi connections here. It's not that they're bad...just worse than you could imagine. This post was supposed to be uploaded somewhere on Friday and, well, it's Tuesday now and I only managed to pull it off because I've spent half of my day in a coffee shop with some decent internet. However, there's nothing else I could be mad about my new home. Follow me on Instagram if you wanna be spammed with pretty pictures of this stunning city and bear with me because I'll soon start uploading blog posts as well.

In my defense, this look was photographed a few weeks ago in Bucharest, when fall was nowhere to be seen. I've been badly crushing over these track pants ever since I got them. They're not only badass looking, but they're also really long and length is normally an issue for me since I'm a tall girl. And because I got a lot of questions about some particular garments, I'm sharing here that I have the trousers and the cap from Zara, while the red glasses are from Ebay. Check the links down below for similar products.

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