After a 2 week break, writing here appears more refreshing than ever. I've missed it, I admit, just as much as I've missed high temperatures and sunny days. What's more tempting than a park walk on a breezy spring afternoon?

Since I've finally got myself my dream camera, taking pictures has become a true adventure. Every time I put my baby in the bag, I remember I am still a dummy tech who has to take the user guide with her. Take notice of this: behind every single photo there are 100 more overlighted or blurred or badly focused (*pop-up thought* maybe I'll show you some bloopers to see what I'm talking about). It's not that easy to take one good picture, I find it even harder when the weather is foggy or cloudy. It's ironic that I'm walking around with the user guide in one hand and the camera in the other, because somehow I always end up on the Auto mode. After all, the camera is smart enough to make pictures look pretty without any of my help. Add some PS for contrast and sharpen and there you go!

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