I'm years and years away from being even half a grown-up and I already hate the job *sad emoji face* . Sometimes I get furious with this world and the people living in it that I just simply step outside; that's why I look at reading novels, watching a movie or (recently) editing random photos as portals to different places at different times. A wise break is never a waste.

I'm referring to the grown-up zone as a shitty thing for personal reasons, of course, but the fact that adults can be worse than stubborn children and seek only their interests has been proven too many times on a global level. I wonder what would happen if kids were to rule the world? Ok, too much hypothetical talk. I'll have to skip to the part where I excuse my lack of blogging lately by blaming two things: the incredibly annoying period of the year, when it's dark outside at 4 p.m. so I have to take photos only until then, and my absence home (go check my Instagram for pics and details).

Even so, I had to make time to show off with this camel coat from SheIn. I'm kinda obsessed with the color and lately I've been choosing it over black — that says something! Besides, the coat has a very soft fabric, but you can find out more details here.

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see more pics from my escape, 'cause I won't make a post about it. At least not now.