At this exact time last week there was a ravishing sun outside, while I was busting my ass off studying for my finals and thinking: 'Goddamn it, by the time I'm finished, the cold will be back!'. And so it was...And I can't even describe the bitter pain I was going through while shooting these pictures at -10 Celsius degrees with a tough wind blowing into my face. If it wasn't for photos, I would have been all wrapped up in a padded jacket with other 3 layers of clothing on me, looking like a freaking dressed up potato with legs (just like I regularly look during winter time).

Thank God that I still got a few cool pieces I can show off, like this badass wool cap or jacket that I've been absolutely in love with ever since I'd received them from Zaful, but I feel like I am running out of warm garments and patience, so, dear Spring, when the hell are you coming to Romania?? I know it's only February, but I expect at least a glimpse of warmth, a sun ray, anything over the freezing point...Effective immediately.

Jacket: HERE

Sweater: HERE

Trousers: HERE

Boots: HERE