Bow Me Dear

In between sneakers and hoodies, a part of me will always crave feminine, girlish, dainty garments. I think this is strongly related to my early childhood, when my mother used to dress me in pretty pink dresses and tie my hair up with big white ribbons. After I had earned the right to pick my own clothes I remember going through a 'pink detox' phase and having a crush on everything black and boylike. Looking back on that I think it is safe to say that my way of dressing today is pretty much explainable...

What is not very explainable whatsoever is my need to add tender touches to my looks lately, which is how I ended up picking this shirt. Its fabric is soft and the sleeve and back details are the main reason why I got it. It was a gift from and I will link it below as well as some other similar items to what I'm wearing for they have a wide range of cool products. Also, if you like what you see on their website, you can use my code Diana576 for dollars off orders over 50. 

I am ready for a summer full of bows, ruffles, and ribbons. 😋 😋

Shirt: HERE   Jeans: HERE  Sandals: HERE  Bag: HERE